UK Electrical Regulations - 2 pin to 3 pin

What you need to know.

Changes to UK Law means that items sold in the UK that are manufactured with a 2 pin Euro plug must be converted to a 3 pin plug prior to sale.
Although this is practically possible, a lot of our clients want the flexibility of either using a 2pin and 3pin plug. This could be for many reasons, such as; they intend to travel with their devices for work or pleasure and need the flexibilty of connections, or they use their devices with a shaver type 2 pin fused socket – and so to permanently convert a 2 pin to a 3 pin is not practical or convenient for the vast majority of customers. For example, converting a heating pad from a 2 pin to 3 pin, that is taken on holiday to Europe would need to be converted back to a 2 pin - which is clearly not the best idea.
At Strongs Country Store we supply all of our EU manufactured 2 pin electrical items with a fully compliant 3 pin semi-permanent plug converter that meets the new UK regulations.
This plug adapter quickly and easily converts a 2-pin Euro plug to standard 3-pin British plug. The adapter cannot be released without first unscrewing the case and physically removing it.
  • Enables manufacturers to comply with UK regulations and supply imported appliances with 2-pin moulded-on Euro plugs
  • High quality construction with stylish design
  • External fuse access - 3A fuse fitted
  • Safety - Cannot be plugged in without the lid being closed and fully screwed down
  • Designed to BS5733 and ASTA approved standards