The Giving Machine

Strong’s Country Store is delighted to announce that it has become a fully affiliated member of The Giving Machine.

TheGivingMachine is a registered charity that makes it possible for online shoppers to support UK causes close to their heart and give for free. TheGivingMachine converts referral commission into free donations for the shoppers chosen causes.
This means you can now raise cash for your chosen cause such as; School Funds, Animal Welfare or any other cause that is special to you.
For every £50 up to £100 spent with Strong’s Country Store via The Just Giving Website we will donate £1. All spend over £100 will receive 1% of the value donated to your chosen cause.

How do I buy Strong’s Country Store Products through the Giving Machine?

To raise cash via your purchases with Strong’s Country Store simply head to The Just Giving Website and search ‘retailers’ for Strongs Country Store or click on the link below to head straight there;
Strong’s - The Giving Machine

How does The Giving Machine Work? Click on the link below to see.

The Giving Machine - How it Works


‘’TheGivingMachine is an awesome way to raise funds for your favourite charity or school. I’ve been a Giver for over two years and in that time, I have raised a couple of hundred pounds, just from shopping online! As a result, when we formed the Nathan Timothy Foundations, one of the first thing we did was sign up to TheGivingMachine and start recruiting Givers. You have have to modify your online shopping behaviour, only slightly mind you, and remember to always log in to your Giver account, or use the browser Toolbar extension, either way, it’s one of the best ways to encourage your supporters to help you, without having to ask them directly for donations. With the recent addition of the Campaign function, we’ve elected to focus all our TheGivingMachine activity to raise funds to support our BullyBeat songwriting project ’’
John Quinn
Director of Engagement
Nathan Timothy Foundation
‘’The girls at TheGivingMachine were very kind and helpful and they constantly searched for ways to help us which proved a great motivation factor in our quest to boost our fledging organization. With their help and the promotional material provided we publicised this fundraising opportunity with TheGivingMachine on our website and in our newsletters and before long we were soon able to build up a number of donors who began to raise money for the Foundation without any additional cost to themselves and in no time at all, we were receiving regular payments from TheGivingMachine. Being registered with TheGivingMachine has become an integral part of our fundraising activities with donors raising money for the Foundation just one extra click of a mouse when buying online’’
Dave Hulme
The Alex Hulme Foundation